Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof

Bowmore are going up in my estimation with this own bottling. Previously, I'd found Bowmore's various expressions to be a bit wishy-washy with not much to shout about. Only Mariner at 43% hinted at something more interesting and powerful. Independent bottlings from the likes of Cadenheads and SWMS have been excellent.

Recently though Bowmore unveiled a series available for purchase at 'travel retail'. After tasting the 100 Degrees Proof offering at Manchester Airport, a purchase had to be made. At £49 for one litre at 57.1% this is pretty good value for a lip smacking cask-strength.

Took it to a local whisky group and it went down a treat. Lots of salt and a layer of peat ash on the tongue. However, there's also a sweetness in there that you cannot help but like. Most seem surprised as the strength as its quite smooth. I found that a drop of water went down well though.

Look out for it at your next airport stop and request a sample.

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Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!