Thursday, 8 March 2012

Deanston calling?

Deanston is an intruiging distillery and a pleasant dram. They have had a promising new website under construction for a while now. They've released a new expression. They want publicity...don't they?

Myself and a partner, who apart from bringing hundreds of tourists to Scotland each year to visit our distilleries, are compiling a new guide book for visiting Scotland's whisky sites of special interest have been trying to contact this reclusive distillery. Emails and phone-calls are unreturned though.

Deanston is owned by Burn Stewart Distillers whose stable also includes the rampant and welcoming Bunnahabhain as well as the revitalised Tobermory/ Ledaig. Their youngest distillery though seems a bit shy.

Has the perilous state of the economy seen things put on ice at Deanston? Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

shame about the silence. not a good start to attract tourists but they might improve once the visitor centre is up an running